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The Art of Bringing the Outside In

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Since 2011

Providing Quality Service to the DC Metro Area


We create, install and maintain beautiful living décor for offices, businesses and homes using select greenery and accessories.

Tropical plants are our mainstay, but we also provide weekly fresh flowers, seasonal installations and vibrant displays for events and special occasions.

Whenever possible, we use eco-friendly techniques, sustainable materials and products sourced from local vendors.

From initial design and set-up to restoration of established plants, from private gatherings to public events, we guarantee exceptional value and service.

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This company has a fantastic sense of pride and dignity in their work and a great feel for the needs of their clients.
— Drew Cohen
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We design and install interior plantscapes, and offer purchase or leasing and maintenance programs, for organizations, professionals and individuals.

Whether you want to enliven your business or home with tropical foliage, spruce up an event with living greenery, or brighten the office with seasonal displays, we are ready to collaborate with you.

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Our interior plant designs add life and color to any workplace. They also improve employee health and productivity and create a more finished and inviting setting for your clients.

Our service programs let you enjoy these benefits without adding work for you or your staff.

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Our customized plantscapes provide your restaurant, boutique or hotel patrons with cleaner air and support your brand, be it vintage, modern, button-down or whimsical.

We offer maintenance packages to keep the installations flourishing and trouble-free.

I have used Liz and her company, Stevens Office Plants Designs, for many years and she is the only person I would entrust with my plants.
— Carmen Johnson Colt
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Brighten your home with tropical plants and flowers that accent its interior and inspire compliments.

Our personalized designs take into account window treatments, color schemes, lighting, art and pet safety. They also filter toxins from the air and increase oxygen levels, making your home healthier for your family and guests.



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Let our high quality designs enhance your next gathering, be it a

• Corporate affair, fundraiser, trade show, meeting or gala
• Anniversary, birthday, wedding, party or shower
• Performance, ball or dance, open house, festival or fair
• Religious service, memorial or funeral

Call on us for vibrant plant and flower displays attuned to any season, holiday or ceremony.

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